Kenya School of Flying



Kenya School of Flying is a professional flight training school based in Kenya. Our main campus is situated at Wilson Airport in Nairobi, other flight bases are at Malindi, Orly Airpark, and Ukunda airstrip. We provide personalized training and students have full access to our simulator and aircraft for practical. Students are assured of graduating with excellent flying skills for their goals of flying in any airline.

Our Equipment and Facilities

Full Motion Flight Simulator The Kenya School of Flying is the first aviation school in Africa to acquire the state of art Redbird FMX twin-engine, full motion and full vision simulator. It allows students to gain valuable training and experience at less than half the cost of the equivalent training in a twin-engine aircraft. Training Fleet The Kenya School of Flying has a dedicated fleet of 21 training aircraft and growing, the largest in Kenya.

Accommodation, Meals, and Transportation

We offer accommodation at our 3 sites outside Nairobi, for students at our Nairobi site we provide advice on the best places to find local accommodation. Residential self-contained bands/cottages are available at the Orly and Ukunda campuses, and a hostel in Malindi for both national and international students. Meals are served, and local transport is arranged as needed.

Pilot Shop

A variety of items needed for flight training are available at the shop, including:

  • All textbooks required for PPL/CPL
  • Pilot uniform items (shirts, trousers, epaulets, t-shirts, polo shirts, “wings”)
  • Some novelty items
  • Knee Boards
  • Maps (Route, Sectional)
  • Pilot Operating Handbooks for C150/172/208 and PA28/34
  • Headsets (Sennheiser)
  • GPS (Garmin Aera 500)
  • Log Books
  • 英语

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培训班 / 专业培训


校园课程 全日制 8 - 12 个月 July 2019 肯尼亚 内罗毕

这当然需要八到十二个月,并涉及: [+]


另有155个飞行小时 CPL地面学校 费用结构

第2阶段:CPL(约8 - 12月)最低收费


上述飞行45小时PPL @ KSH 14,360155小时 - 2225800 为时3小时的总飞行试验(GFT)@ KSH 14,360 - 43080 CPL地面学校60000 文具,设备和统一35000 近似​​最小代价2363880

航班培训班季度开始,在一月,四月,七月和十月。 特殊的摄入量可根据要求提供。 我们提供培训,以本地及国际学生,并可以在我们的奥利,乌昆达和马林迪站提供住宿。 在内罗毕学生通常找到自己的住处,但我们能够接近推荐一些宿舍的威尔逊机场。... [-]

最初的多引擎/仪表等级(M / IR)

校园课程 全日制 6 周 July 2019 肯尼亚 内罗毕

这当然需要六个星期。 KCAA第67条第二部分要求45小时初始仪小时分为: [+]

航班培训班季度开始,在一月,四月,七月和十月。 特殊的摄入量可根据要求提供。 我们提供培训,以本地及国际学生,并可以在我们的奥利,乌昆达和马林迪站提供住宿。 在内罗毕学生通常找到自己的住处,但我们能够接近推荐一些宿舍的威尔逊机场。

下面给出的收费结构表明每门课程的大致成本最低。 汇率是容易在短时间内改变,由于外汇汇率波动和燃料价格。


这当然需要六个星期。 KCAA第67条第二部分要求45小时初始仪小时分为:

核准模拟器20小时 在双塞内卡PA3425小时 费用结构 ... [-]


校园课程 全日制 4 - 6 个月 July 2019 肯尼亚 内罗毕

本课程需要四到六个月。 [+]


45飞行小时和修订 一般飞行试验 地面学校教学课程 莫尔斯电码教程

学生将通过KCAA GFT考官进行评估。

航班培训班季度开始,在一月,四月,七月和十月。 特殊的摄入量可根据要求提供。 我们提供培训,以本地及国际学生,并可以在我们的奥利,乌昆达和马林迪站提供住宿。 在内罗毕学生通常找到自己的住处,但我们能够接近推荐一些宿舍的威尔逊机场。


阶段1:PPL(约4 - 6个月)最低收费


飞行小时,修​​订45个小时@ KSH 14,360 - 646200 地面学校指导课45000 文具,设备和统一101600 急救课程由圣约翰救伤队9500 KCAA的空中导航服务收费15000 近似​​最小成本817300 [-]