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Pueblo Español

Diverbo is all about full Spanish immersion! With expert staff, Diverbo facilitates short-term intensive Spanish courses. Whether you need to improve your grammar or fluency, the programs are carefully designed so that students are constantly being challenged to use Spanish in a variety of contexts.

Learn Spanish in Spain with Diverbo!

Pueblo Español is specially designed to expose Spanish learners to as much conversational Spanish as possible in an 8-day total immersion program. Pueblo Español activities’ are oriented and organized for a complete immersion in the Spanish language while enjoying the people, its food, and culture.

Think of it like a Spanish retreat, where phones and use of the internet are limited so you only hear Spanish during your stay. In our Pueblo Español venues, you will be forced to speak Spanish or nothing…are you up for the challenge?

If your Spanish is a little rusty and you feel like you need to brush up on your grammar, you can sign up to a 16-hour, 4-day intensive Spanish course in Madrid the week prior to the immersion course.

Not enough time to get away from work? How about a 3-day Weekend course at Villa Inglesa to brush up on grammar and fluency privately with a teacher or in a group of students your similar level.

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培训班 / 专业培训


校园课程 全日制 3 - 8 天 接受申请 西班牙 马德里 哈恩 萨拉曼卡 + 另外2 个

我们所有的西班牙学习课程都是短期的,实用的,非常激烈的,并在西班牙举行。他们各有不同的目标,根据您的需求和学习阶段而定。不要犹豫与我们联系,以获得更多的信息和免费的语言水平评估。 [+]

我们所有的西班牙学习课程都是短期的,实用的,非常激烈的,并在西班牙举行。他们各有不同的目标,根据您的需求和学习阶段而定。不要犹豫与我们联系,以获得更多的信息和免费的语言水平评估。 Diverbo提供个性化的服务,并确保每个学生从教育体验中获得最大的满足您的具体要求,可用性和预算。以下是我们提供的课程总结:

西班牙语课程(按需):这个课程适用于各个层面。这是一个个性化的服务,提供独特的内容,个性化的学生的具体需求和目标。老师适应学生的时间和可用性。这些类被推荐用于所有类型的配置文件。... [-]


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