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We give students the chance from day one to make short films and create/ crew on features, as far as we know we are the only institute in Europe or the US who does so. Our dream, as an alternative Barcelona film school, has been to create high energy, high impact intensive courses that would catapult students and professionals faster and better on the road for their career.

We’ve created a series of workshops, short courses and year-long courses which guide, nurture and engage both students and professionals. Today Afilm is a melting pot of creativity and productivity, the place where many leading international directors and creative professionals chose to come to share and support young filmmakers.

We are based in Sitges, just 30 mins south of Barcelona City Centre. Sitges is a Mediterranean coastal town, located in the Garraf area in the province of Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. Sheltered by the Garraf mountains and due to its geographical position in the Mediterranean, Sitges has a warm “micro-climate” that makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities almost every day of the year. Moreover, throughout the year numerous events take place in this beautiful town: the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Carnival, the Festa Major, Theatre Festivals, The Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally, Harvest Festival, concerts … the list goes on.

At Afilm you’ll meet fellow international students who’ve been handpicked from around the globe. Committed to making this a more tolerant, just world through storytelling- join us for the most hard-core, inspiring year of your life.

Afilm Studio is a Production Company with a difference, it has a unique working methodology, bringing together leading industry professionals with graduate talent, each project gets maximised. Clients gain access to unparallel international talent and the ingenuity of bright young sparks, it’s a win-win situation and a chance to use a film project to give back a little more.

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Advanced Certificate


校园课程 全日制 1 年 October 2019 西班牙 锡切斯

故事片电影节目是专为那些希望接受高度职业和行业为重点的培训和教育的个人而设计的。 在8个月内,您将拍摄一张特色电影,据我们所知,这是世界上唯一的同类电影。 [+]

故事片电影节目是专为那些希望接受高度职业和行业为重点的培训和教育的当代电影人而设计的。 在8个月内,您将拍摄一部故事片,据我们所知,这是世界上唯一的同类电影。

这个专业程序是专为有激情,创造力,决心和真正的承诺,以获得作为电影讲故事的持久职业的个人。 它为您提供一个独特的机会,获得制作故事片的第一手经验。

在接下来的八个月里,你将成为一个小团队的一员,这个团队有一个共同的目标。制作一部凄美而动人的故事片。 业内专家将与您合作,鼓励和引导一小批热情专门选拔的学生拍摄电影节。 这部电影将在巴塞罗那和锡切斯迷人的城市及其周围地区拍摄,在户外工作,并在室内控制灯光条件。 您将成为国际团队的一员,通过导演/制作/摄影/编剧/制作设计/编辑和声音的艺术之旅。... [-]



校园课程 全日制 1 年 October 2019 西班牙 锡切斯

电影导论课程是一门电影培训课程,旨在探讨电影制作的各个方面,这些课程旨在为那些希望在视觉叙事方面展开可行的职业,并以电影为重点的人士。 [+]

电影导论课程是一门电影培训课程,旨在探讨电影制作的各个方面,这些课程旨在为那些希望在视觉叙事方面展开可行的职业的人士,以电影为重点。 这个引入计划是为具有激情,创造力,决心的个人而设计的,并致力于作为电影行业的专业人士发起持久的职业生涯。 它提供了一个独特的机会,获得第一手的经验,创造一系列的个人短片,以及在电影故事船员。

在接下来的八个月里,你们将加入一群紧密团结的志同道合的艺术家,他们都在努力发现他们的声音,作为视觉叙述者。 一群在职电影人将引导你,鼓励和领导一小批热情和专门挑选的学生致力于专业地制作有关人类状况的故事。 你将成为一个国际团队的一部分,这个团队的每一部作品都是在编写,指导和编辑三部短片的同时,为所有其他作品制作出所有的经验和信心。... [-]